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------------ Oslo, Norway ------------
Oslo Harbor

We passed small islands early on our second day, weaving our way in to Oslo, our first port.   Here in the harbor, sailboat masts can be seen all over and we saw many kayaks and ferries as well.

Vigeland Park

This was our first view of the Vigeland Sculpture Park. The park contains 80 acres of grounds with 150 sculptures, by Gustav Vigeland.   It was a life long project for the sculptor.


This is one of the many large sculptures, done in bronze. Others are done in stone.

rose beds

These large rose beds were only a small part of the park plantings. Tourists weren't the only visitors, the locals were enjoying the park as much as we were.


Our perky Norwegian guide (With the yellow umbrella.) explains the origins of the park. The fountain behind her is much more massive than it appears in the photo.


The pillar of life is at the highest point in the park. Amazingly, this 50 foot tall piece of interconnected human shapes was made from a single piece of granite.

folk museum

The Norwegian Folk Museum contained numerous full size buildings. This one, a reproduction, has a sod roof. The skill and ingenuity of the Norwegians in the construction of these structures is very impressive.

viking ship

The Viking Museum had several full size ships, all with original planking. This one was used only in a burial while another one was an actual working ship. These could be and apparently were, rowed and sailed in the open ocean.


This picture shows some of the old fortress and city walls as seen from our ship leaving Oslo.

ski jump

This picture shows some of the newer buildings. The Holmenkollen ski jump can be seen on the far mountain.
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