------------------ Queenstown ------------------

Lake Wakatipu from the balcony of our Queenstown hotel room.

Suiting up for our jet boat ride up the Dart River in Mt. Aspiring National Park.

The Kingston Flyer, a steam locomotive passenger train operates out of Queenstown.

This Kea, perched on our bus, is looking for something he can tear out with his sharp beak. We watched him attack pieces of rubber moldings from car windows and go after wiper blades.

Homer Tunnel passes 1.5 kilometers through the mountain to the Milford Sound area. The tunnel saves many kilometers of additional road to reach the other side.

------------------ Milford Sound ------------------

The Milford Mariner, a motor sailer with all the comforts of a small cruise ship. The power controls on the sails allow the sails to be set or taken in at the push of a button.

Bowen Falls in Milford Sound.

After our overnight on the Sound the captain gave us a scenic tour of spectacular Milford Sound. It was a brisk morning.

Mary Lou was able to capture this photo of a Crested Penguin with her long telephoto lens. We spotted a few others with our binoculars.

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