Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - Apr 7 - 12, 2013

Marriott Pinckney Island &
Audubon Preserve
Savannah, GA Charleston, SC Birds

The Marriott at Shelter Cove on Broad Creek was home for our week with Joe and Lynne, Annamarie's brother and sister-in-law.

This was the front of our building. Our condo was on the corner of the top floor to the right.

The balcony afforded a view of the salt marsh, which had interesting birds, paddlers, and boats in Broad Creek, with it's entrance on the sheltered side of the island.

Looking east from the balcony.

Kayak and board paddlers took advantage of the large expanse of sheltered waters.

The National Wildlife Refuge at Pinckney Island had thousands of interesting waterfowl as well as land birds.   These trails were used for walking, biking and maintenance, interconnecting a number of ponds, each brimming with birds.

We also visited the Audubon Newhall Preserve on Hilton Head Island.   While we heard many birds and could
see small ones in the trees, we were unable to identify any or catch any in a photo.   We did find this alligator in the pond.

Nearby was this sign.

Something we had never seen before were these cypress knees.

On our last day we drove to South Beach on the island.   The most prominent feature was the lighthouse.

It was surrounded by interesting shops and restaurants and has protected moorage for numerous pleasure craft.


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