The Perth Mint

The Perth Mint was a few blocks from our hotel so we went and watched them pour a $300K gold brick.   They melted it down and poured it over again for each show on the hour during days when the mint was open.   The foundry man told us this gold had been cycled through 37 thousand meltings and they had to reclaim the gold from the crucibles after so many cycles.   Apparently they don't purify gold in the furnace these days, it's done with chemicals.


Taking the Ferry to Fremantle

The ferry terminal to Fremantle was a short walk from our hotel and we were off on the 15 mile excursion down the river.


Fremantle is Australia's primary port for goods being shipped from China and Japan.   Thousands of cars are shipped there and then transported by rail eastward.


This cargo of live lambs is destined for the Middle East.


Touring by trolley made seeing the highlights of Fremantle easy.


Prisons for convicts from England, provided the first industry in this area, with the inmates employed in building it and learning a trade in the process.   This one was built quite well.


We had fish and chips at a waterfront cafe and found an ice cream shop further down the dock.


After that, we walked to the
Maritime Museum to see it before boarding our ferry back.   We had a nice view of Perth from the west as we arrived.


We passed near King's Gardens and could see the foot bridge from the ferry.


Near our hotel were several bronze sculptures.   Annamarie liked this one.


Taking the Train to Guilford

This train station was a short walk from our hotel, after purchasing our tickets from a vending machine, we boarded the train to Guilford, for a 30 minute ride east of Perth. The train was one of the nicest we had ever ridden.   And it ran exactly on it's printed schedule.


Arriving at Guilford, we walked up the ramp to cross over the tracks where we took this photo.   The village of Guildford is about a three block walk away.  

Perth Birds

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