Building the shop 1994-1995

Foundation and gravel drive way.

Getting the concrete trucks in was the first use of this driveway.

The "J" bolts all in place

Plumbing, compacted fill, and steel ready for the slab pour.

Slab poured and lumber delivered

The first wall!

Framing, sheathing, and the roof went quickly.

Almost ready for the rain!

Doors and windows

Starting the shingles

The gable fish scale patterns match the house.

Trenching for water, power and drain lines.

Installing the chimney for the wood stove.

I wired the shop for everything I could think of, including 220 for a welder and the dust collector motor and three banks of fluorescent lights.

The county code calls for separate 3" vent pipes for the sink and toilet.


Lots of insulation

The attic

This little hot water heater really worked and took little space.

Sheetrock, paint, trim, benches, shelving and lights installed. The first project was a 30 foot handle for a pruning saw.

Set up for running 30 foot planks through the planer.

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