To Do List --- Plan B, Dec 29, 2012

(Plan B assumes closing up project with cabin interior unfinished. The reason for considering this is to make the project more portable and possibly more sellable.)

**** Install Deck and Cabins ****

Cabin sides/deck clamps
- install galley counter top (port cabin side sits on this in plans) - scarf sheets of ply
- mill spruce as required for carlins
- install upper carlins
- fit and attach the sides
- fit and attach forward window panels
- fit fwd cabin posts to window panels
- install cabin/deck clamps
- final trim lower cabin sides
- cut and install deck cross beams
- install cockpit locker stringers and clamps
- install clamps and posts

Laminate/install main cabin roof
- make up corner posts and center post
- frame front windows

Laminate/install deck layers

******** Cabin Inside ********

Cut out the windows and hatches
Install joinery for pilothouse front windows.

Companionway steps

Chainplate mounts
14" x 1 1/2" x 6 ea. (8 ft. total) in 316 stainless
- aft lwrs plumb, 11" aft mast at deck, uppers plumb on fwd side of mast bulkhead, fwds on 1:10 slope, 11" fwd of mast.
- fit backing blocks and epoxy to hull

******** Hull/External ********

- strip off varathane and varnish
- drill holes - need to size, spacing and plugs?

Locker lids

Glass exterior of deck and cabin

Windows and frames
- need 39" x 48" x 1/4" 5012 aluminum plate
- need one 4x8 sheet of 1/4" exterior lexan with mar guard

Port Lights - Lexan

Companionway doors

Fiberglass decks and cabins

Painting topsides, cabin etc.

******** Move Hull Outside ********

Keel - install
- measure, cut, thread & install bolts

Skeg, rudder - install

******** After Sale & Transport ********

Vee berth
- decide what to use for ventilation & install or cut
- epoxy tops in place

- door bulkhead
- sole
- cabinet
- door
- head unit
- LectraSan unit
- plumbing
- engine panel and controls

Dining table
- obtain stainless stanchion pipe 2" x 28"
- have sockets and stanchions machined?

Battery box/main switch
- create master wiring diagram of all wire, fuzes, and busses
- build box
- purchase, locate and install main switch

Fuel tank and plumbing
measure very carefully to make cut diagram
- order material and fittings
- have welded
- install

Helm seat
- obtain stainless stanchion pipe 2" x 27.5" obtain sockets or have made for sole
- quarter berth top?
- select and install helm seat

Helm Locker

Water tank and plumbing
- purchase fittings :1 1/2" nylon hose barb, install

- purchase or make from fiberglass or stainless and install

Bilge pump
- purchase and install with hose loop

Through hulls
- diagram what type, where and size
- cooling water in (1) 1"
- head in
- head out
- sink out
- bilge out
- cockpit drains (2) 2"
- purchase & [dry] install

Build Ice box
- figure out sequence

Stove/cabin heater
- get additional vent tubing
- make and install drawers in space below
- install stove and vent
- run line from fuel tank

Interior doors
- mahogany or teak with cane?

Forepeak and chain locker
- buy pipe for chain and install

- position on beds [mount with prop and strut]
- hook up water, fuel, battery cables, control cables, exhaust, etc

Chainplates above deck
- drill holes through deck and square out
- check bend in standard ss plates (20 degrees)
- drill holes and place bolts

- hardware for bob and side stays

Rub rail - teak or other?

Bulwark cap & breast hooks - teak or other?

Soles - teak and holly?

Tabernacle - have built

Davits - have built

Pulpits - have made

Mast - build, install, varnish, rig

Boom - build, install, varnish, rig

Strut, prop, alignment connection
- purchase
- install with engine on beds/stuffing box for alignment


- stays, shrouds, bow sprit

davits and dinghy

purchase batteries and install

purchase and install autopilot unit

Install rigging, electronics, sails and launch