Shadow Ridge Marriott Dec 19, 2016

We stayed on the upper floor, overlooking the 16th fairway and green.   We had a nice balcony but it was too cold to make use of it this trip.

On the first day we hiked Palm Canyon, taking the easy trails.

Our prize bird for this trip was the Western Bluebird.

The most abundant bird in this area is the Yellow-rumped Warbler.

The most unusual find was this bee hive in a crack up high in a large rock face.   The bees were quite active and they had a critter proof place for their honey combs.

Our best birding for this trip was at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, north of Palm Springs.   Curve-billed Thrasher

The Cactus Wren also has a curved bill.


A California Scrub-Jay flew up to Al on the trail and landed almost within touch of him, seemingly expecting him to toss some food.

A White-crowned Sparrow poised on a fence rail as we drove out, also looking for food from us.

Back near our condo, we had spotted a Snowy Egret feeding in the pond.

Not far away in the same pond were a dozen Mallards, some American Coots and this Great Egret feeding in the pond.

One evening Annamarie spotted this Great Blue Heron perched on the chimney of a nearby condo.

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