The east end of Eagle, ID Greenbelt on the Boise River - July, 2016

Mallard   -   We spent some time puzzling over the ID of this duck who was sleeping in a sunny spot on a sand bar with his head tucked under his wing.   But he finally exposed his head for us.

House Finch   -   Most of the birds were hidden and actively calling, but these two seemed happy to show themselves on the open ground.

Mourning Dove   -   We heard lots of doves calling but this one landed where we could see him.

Savannah Sparrow   -   With the dark spot on his breast and the vee in his tail, Al is calling this a Savannah Sparrow, but we really aren't sure.

Yellow Warbler   -   This little guy was all by himself.   He seemed to be looking for his friends to show up.   He gave us plenty of time to take photos.   (Thanks to Cathy for the ID)

Kingston to March's Point, WA - November 7th, 2016

Surf Scoter   -   We saw a dozen or more of these before leaving the Kingston ferry dock.

Arriving in Edmonds, we saw another flock of Surf Scoter, reminding us of the ones we saw leaving Kingston. In this photo he has his neck extended with the white patch behind his head slightly visible.

Seen from another angle the white patch is more distinct.

On the west side of March's Point, Annamarie spotted this Kingfisher in a tree.

He has a different profile when facing into the wind.

Red-shouldered Hawk - We were surprised to see this hawk so low and close to the road. He patiently waited while we backed the car up to park and take his photo.

It was quite unusual for us to see two hawks perched this close together.

Great Blue Heron - She seemed interested in us as she approached from the other side of a drainage ditch. A second after I snapped this photo, she plunged her head into the water and came out with a nice plump looking fish. It was still wriggling as she swallowed it whole.

We had never seen a heron perch on a light before, but there were no trees near this spot.

Brewer's Blackbird at March's Point

Back home we were treated to a Bald Eagle. Perched atop one of our fir trees it was visible from our dining room windows.

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