Myakka River State Park - Sarasota, FL - Mar 22 - 30, 2015

Roseate Spoonbill with a Glossy Ibis.   -   These two birds fished the shallows together for quite some time, seeming to like feeding together.

Glossy Ibis by himself   -   This photo shows his colors.

Snowy Egret   -   We couldn't believe all the different species we saw on this one little stretch of shoreline.

Black-necked Stilts   -   There were 8 of these wading and feeding along the shore.

Great Egret  


Blue-winged Teal

Blue-winged Teal   -   These may have been from the same group but later and further down the shoreline.

Sandhill Cranes with chick   -   This was the first chick that we had seen.

White Ibis

Great Blue Heron with Wild Turkeys   -   The heron was challenging one of the turkeys.

Palm Warbler   -   This little guy approached us, perhaps for food.

The Audubon Rookery - Venice, FL - Mar 29, 2015

Anhinga   -   We had never been this close to an Anhinga before.   The Rookery provides such protection for these birds that they feel safe enough to come and have a closer look at us.

Great Blue Heron chicks.   -   These young chicks were still in the nest and were sparring.

Double-crested Cormorant nesting   -   This bird never left it's nest while we were there.   She (or he) made a chattering noise, it's purpose unknown to us.

Green Heron  

J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge - Sanibel Island, FL - Mar 29, 2015

Reddish Egret   -   Sanibel Island always has birds, and lots of them.

American White Pelicans

Green Heron   -   These birds seem shy, and are not easy to approach for a photo.

Everglades National Park, FL - Mar 25, 2015

Red-shouldered Hawk   -   We spotted this hawk during our two hour tram loop drive.

Wood Stork   -   This was nesting time for the storks.

Wood Stork chick   -   It took us a while to identify this bird.   The shape of the beak finally gave it away.

Purple Gallinule   -   Getting a good photo of one of these from a tram is no easy task.

Green Heron   -   Seeing one of these with his neck outstretched was a new experience. They normally are seen hunkered down with their neck coiled to appear much shorter.

Anhinga and two chicks   -   The chicks are hiding behind their mom, or maybe mom is hiding them?.   -   We saw more chicks on this trip than any other.

Heron   -   This appears to be a juvenile, but only because of his size. The plumage appears to be quite mature.

Great Egret   -   Our ride would not have been complete without a photo of one of these.

Great-blue Heron -   He almost seemed to be trying to dry out his wings. We had never seen one do this before.

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