Red-necked Avocet   (Melbourne - West Treatment Plant)

Rainbow Bee-eater   (Darwin)

Regent Bowerbird   (Brisbane - O'Reilly's)

Satin Bowerbird   (Brisbane - O'Reilly's)

Brolga   (Melbourne - West Treatment Plant)

White-fronted Chat   (Melbourne - You Yang)

Sulpher-crested Cockatoo   (Melbourne - You Yang)

Eurasian Coot   (Perth)

Little Corella   (Darwin - Wildman)

Long-billed Corella   (Melbourne - You Yang)

Little-pied Cormorant   (Darwin - Wildman)

Little-pied Cormorant   (Melbourne - You Yang)

Pied Currawong   (Brisbane - O'Reilly's)

Australian Darter   (Darwin - Wildman)

Red-kneed Dotterel   (Melbourne - West Treatment Plant)

Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove   (Darwin)

Bar-shouldered Dove   (Darwin)

Peaceful Dove   (Darwin - Wildman)

Australian Wood Duck   (Melbourne - City)

Blue-billed Duck   (Perth)

Pacific Black Duck   (Perth)

Plumed Whistling-Duck   (Darwin - Wildman)

Pink-eared Duck   (Melbourne - West Treatment Plant)

Chestnut Teal Duck   (Melbourne - West Treatment Plant)

Hardhead Duck   (Melbourne - West Treatment Plant)

Australian Wood-duck   (Melbourne - You Yang)

White-bellied Sea-eagle   (Darwin - Wildman)

Eastern Reef Egret   (Darwin)

Great Egret   (Darwin - Wildman)

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