Road Scholar Birding Trip,   Brownsville, Texas   -   Jan 13th through Jan 16th,   2014

Nature Conservancy,   Southmost Preserve

This 1,014 acre preserve is located on a meandering bend of the Rio Grande River and it contains one of the last stands of native Sabal Palm trees in the US. It is an important birding area with nearly 500 species passing through this valley.

Lark Sparrow

Eastern Phoebe

Northern Mockingbird

Golden-fronted Woodpecker

Catus Wren

Turkey Vulture

Our group approaching the Rio Grande River.

Cooper's Hawk

Ringed Kingfisher

Black Vulture

Ring-necked Duck

Northern Pintail

Northern Shoveler

Vermilion Flycatcher

Along the road to Boca Chica

Loggerhead Shrike

Harris's Hawk

Harris's Hawk

Boca Chica Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge

We observed many shore birds here at the refuge. This is a sandy eight mile beach on a narrow spit of land between the Rio Grande delta and the salt flats of the lower Laguna Madre, 23 miles east of Brownsville.


Brown Pelicans

Laughing Gull

Caspian Tern     (Laughing Gull on the left)

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