September, 2014

New England

Eastern Kingbird

Downy Woodpecker

We observed this Mute Swan near Old Saybrook, CT

White-breasted Nuthatch

Common Eider

Cedar Waxwing

Great Black-backed Gull

Eastern Phoebe     We've photographed this bird before, but this is a better photo.

A Great Egret amidst the Greater Yellowlegs at a preserve on Cape Cod.

Great Blue Heron     Catching one of these taking off was fun.
This was on our way to Nantucket.

Common Loon     This was one of the few birds we were able to see due to the dense fog while on an excursion from Bar Harbor, Maine.

Double-creasted Cormorant     This fellow looks much like his cousins in Washington State.

Wild Turkeys     Wild turkeys in Maine look just like the ones near Sacramento, CA.

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