Hilton Head 2013 - Other Waterfowl

A Brown Pelican or two always seemed to be present along the water by our condo.   We would also see him on a piling or fishing while swimming in the water.   Once we saw him drying his wings, just like a cormorant.


An Osprey was seen flying overhead quite often and over the water near our condo.   We saw him dive for surface fish on several occasions.


Amongst the herons and egrets we found this Pied-billed Grebe at the National Wildlife Refuge on Pinckney Island.


On a foggy morning at the ocean beach we found a dozen or two Sanderlings scurrying through the surf as it receded, picking little creatures from the sand.   They run very fast and it was difficult to find one standing upright long enough for a photo.


A small group of Willets were feeding in the ocean surf on a foggy morning.


These Willets were busy feeding in this small pond at the National Wildlife Refuge on Pinckney Island.


A Double-crested Cormorant or two were almost always visible from our balcony.   There were not enough pilings for them to go around, especially when the pelicans decided to use them.   So, this guy was drying his wings while standing on a sand bar.   The kayakers seemed to have stopped to look at him.