Hilton Head Island 2013   -   Egrets and Herons

The first birds we saw were from our condo at the Shelter Cove Marriott on Broad Creek.   Several Great Egrets frequented the salt marsh below our balcony.


At the National Wildlife Refuge on Pinckney Island we saw more Great Egrets but they were larger and had green color on their faces.   We thought at first that they might be White Herons, but those have yellow legs and are found only FL.


These two Great Egrets seemed to be interacting, but over what we could not discern.


We couldn't believe our eyes when we first saw this Tricolored Heron.


The Great Egret is much larger than the Tricolored Heron that can be seen here.   It was odd to see these two birds sharing the same tree branch.


Several Snowy Egrets were mingled in with the other egrets and herons at Ibis Pond.   We didn't see any Ibis at Ibis Pond.


We saw lots of Little Blue Herons in the marshlands, usually feeding alone.   This one was part of a flock that landed in the trees near a pond.


George explains that this is a Tricolored Heron in non-breeding plumage.   He was by himself, apparently looking for food.