Phoenix, Arizona - December 16-25, 2013

Ring-necked Duck.




American Kestrel.


Grackle. (female) We saw several male Grackles but were unable to get a photo of one.


Mourning Dove. (juvenile)


Gila Woodpecker. (female)


Gila Woodpecker. Male with red head, female landing.


Curve-billed Thrasher.


European Starling.


Gambel's Quail.


Parrot. (Introduced) The staff at the Botanical Gardens told us that there are about 200 of these parrots in the Phoenix area. They are not native there.


Greater Roadrunner.


House Sparrow.


Anna's Hummingbird. (The reason why there are five photos is that we were unsure these were all Anna's.)






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