Point-No-Point and Fort Flagler - Oct 29th

Horned Grebe.   Dale and Regina also identified Red-necked Grebes, Marbled Murrelets, and Pigeon Guillemots (juvenile) through their spotting scope.


Great Blue Heron.   This was one of several in the wetlands area next to the lighthouse.   Other species seen were Bald Eagle, several more herons, Hutton's Vireo, Black-capped Chickadee and Spotted Towhee.


California Sea lions.   There were four of these making their way south past the point.


Holly Bush.   This bush is across the path from the viewing platform.   It did have a nice crop of berries on it.



Fort Flagler - Oct 29th

On our way across the causeway to Marrowstone Island we viewed five Northern Pintails feeding in the water along the shore.   Without the spotting scopes I doubt we could have figured out what they were.


Female Harlequin Duck.   This bird had us puzzled for a while, but Regina determined what it was.   There were no males to be seen in the area.


Horned Grebes.


Surf Scoters.



Common Loon.   There were several loons in various spots off the beach.   As anyone who has photographed them knows, it's hard to catch them between dives because they aren't up that long.


Common Loon.  


Mallards and a hybrid.  


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