Home in Eglon - June 24th

A Northern Flicker comes through our property, landing on several trees fairly often.   I never seem him do anything except look around, and always alone, moving from tree to tree in about the same pattern each time although different trees.


Pileated Woodpeckers come through our property quite often in June. They land near the bottom of a tree, hop around a little, then hop their way upward and then are on their way. This one decided to chip some bark off a large fir   tree just off our deck.   We often hear them in the woods both calling and hammering as only they can do.   Just after I got this shot, he demonstrated how he could hang on with his right foot while scratching his head with the other foot.


A Red-breasted Sapsucker showed up high on a large fir tree next to our deck.


A Crow perched momentarily in an adjacent tree.   I don't know if he is an American Crow or a Northwest Crow.   Also, his tail looks short in the photo.   I saw him fly in and then away but didn't see anything unusual so maybe it's just the way he was perched that made it look odd.


Purple Martin.   This was a male, perched near a gourd style nesting box at Poulsbo's Oyster Plant Park.   7/7/13


This was a female, leaving the box.


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