Home in Eglon, (Kingston) Washington - May 18th

For many months I have watched Spotted Towhees in our yard but have never been fast enough to get a photo of one.   We have resisted having a bird feeder as when we did many years ago it brought mice and squirrels, so we have done without.   This photo was taken through our dining room window and it was the only shot I was able to get.


The other elusive bird for me has been the Steller's Jay.   Flocks of them come through our yard quite often but never stay long.   This one landed in our neighbor's fir tree.


Annamarie saw this Bald Eagle land in the dead top of a fir tree on our bank overlooking Puget Sound.   Several eagles had been riding the rising air currents along our bluff most of the day.   It's not often one lands in this tree but she had a perfect view of him through the moon window in our living room.   He might be the same one   I photographed three weeks ago,   still in molt but looking much better.


Male Rufous Hummingbirds have been difficult to photograph for me somehow.   The migration must be slowing down as this one wasn't being challenged by other males, which is usually the case.   They are so busy with that, it's hard to know how they have any time to eat.


Seabeck - 5/19

A small group of European Starlings were searching the tidal rocks near the dock at Seabeck.


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