Twin Spits, Hansville, Point-No-Point - Mar 31st

Easter Sunday morning early birding found one new species.

Finally a photo of an adult Common Loon. This one just off the beach at Twin Spits, on the north end of the Kitsap Peninsula, shortly after sunrise. I had seen one on Mar 24th but was not quick enough to photograph him. The one I did photograph on Mar 11th was a "Common Loon coming into breeding plumage" I was later informed. They look considerably different to me, but the head shape is the same. (So much to learn.)


A single Red-breasted Merganser feeding all alone at Norwegian Point. We have seen this at three different places in the past few weeks. Maybe this is the same one?


A pair of juvenile Bald Eagles, playing in the early morning sun high off the bluff at Point-No-Point.


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