Norwegian Point Park, Hansville - Mar 30th

This was our first visit to this Park, which is less than a mile West of Point-No-Point.

Annamarie spotted three cormorants perched on pilings.   One of them looked different and I could see the red on his face before we got out of the car.   We thought for sure this was a Red-faced Cormorant.   But after consulting the experts, it's been determined he was a Pelagic Cormorant with a generous amount of red in his face.   Red-faced Cormorants also have blue in their bill but this cormorant didn't.


A short distance down the beach a flock of Brants landed and seemed to be feeding on grass at the water line.


Two pairs of Mallards landed in the water behind the light house at Point-No-Point.


Three Surf Scoters at Fort Ward Park on an earier date.


This Northern Flicker landed high in a fir tree above our house.


The spots on his front body and the shape of his bill indicate a Northern Flicker. This one was at Point-No-Point, two miles north of the above Flicker.   While I was adjusting the backlight on the camera, he flew away and I missed seeing him fly.


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