Birding Log - Mar 8, 2013

Today we got our first eagle photos near Dungeness Spit in Sequim, WA. First we found a single Bald Eagle, high in the top of a fir tree.


Within sight of the first Bald Eagle we found these two perched on the top of another fir tree.


Over a mile from the first three, we found two more perched on top of a power pole.   The one on the left is a juvenile so he doesn't have the white head, but is nearly full size.


Not far from the eagles, we found three Trumpeter Swans feeding in a recently cultivated field.   Annamarie snapped this photo out of our car window.


At the site of the once famous Three Crabs Restaurant, which is south of Dungeness Spit we found this pair of Wigeons close to the shore.


At Sequim's John Wayne Marina we found a collection of Wigeon, Canada Goose, crows, and gulls.   This gull caught our eye as being a different species than what we typically see, but after further study we have concluded he might be a juvenile Glaucous-winged Gull, mostly because of his thick bill.


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