Birding Log - Mar 5, 2013

Fort Ward, Bainbridge Island provided our new species, a Pelagic Cormorant. There were several, all mingled with the Double-creasted Cormorants.

In the photo below, the first and third cormorants are the Pelagic ones.


This photo shows two Pelagic Cormorants with a Double-creasted on the upper left.


Our new DCM FZ200 camera quite easily captured this Pelagic Cormorant in flight.


We were surprised and delighted to see this Surf Scoter as it was only our second sighting, and never before at this location.


There were also about a dozen Buffeheads preening themselves. We saw very little diving this time but it was nearing noon, so that might be typical for them. Our next stop was Arness Park where we found three pairs of Barrow's Goldeneyes.


This Greater Yellowlegs was also a pleasant surprise for us, having seen our first of these only two days before, nearly 30 miles from here.


This Great Blue Heron was across the road from the park in the drained lagoon. He was one of three in this area.


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