Olympic Peninsula, WA - April 2016

Three Barrow's Goldeneyes in the bay at Arness Park in Kingston. The plumage on the male is not yet to breeding stage. I had to wait several minutes for him to take a break from preening himself before I could get a good photo.

This pair of Black Oystercatchers were a new species for us. We found them at John Wayne Marina in Sequim. Since they are selective in where they feed it isn't easy to photograph them. They feed on marine invertebrates, including oysters, snails and squid but no fish. When they are not wading in water, their bright pink legs are quite noticeable.

A single pair of Brant were enjoying the sun at Ediz Hook near Port Angeles. These are more often found in flocks.

This may be the first Western Grebe we'd ever seen from land. They feed in open water and we spotted these at Ediz Hook.

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