Al's Web Page

In 1986 we got our first Mac, a Mac+ which had a whopping (at the time) 1 MB of memory.   We had acquired a dialup internet account previously.   I started doing more email and obtained a news reader which opened up "Usenet," which had groups like recreation boats building, r.b.b.   Later I learned of "the web" and started using linux, with which I could download a url.   Linux provided no photos, only descriptions but I could selectively download those using "file transfer protocol" (ftp.)

Then one day, Annamarie came home from school and asked "Do we have Netscape?"   Soon after we got our first color Mac.   By this time we were up to 250MB.   It was at this point I set up my first web page, still on dial up modem on Silverlink, a local web service provider.   I was limited to 5MB total so the photos had to be small.   About 1999 we switched to DSL on our local phone service and I bought into "Dot Mac" which hosted web sites and I could exceed my 5 MB limit.   That eventually went away and I moved my page to Dropbox.   We now had 2GB free space.   The moves were simply drag and drop, the whole web site in one click.   This year Dropbox discontinued hosting web sites so I moved to Neocities.

That move was way more complicated.   When I pulled my webpage out of Dropbox, it was one simple drag and drop onto my desktop which took about 3 minutes.   Going to Neocities however, required a different browser and it took over three hours.   If that wasn't bad enough, few of the pages worked at all and there were hundreds of broken internal links.   All the links within the site were now case sensitive.   That was straight forward but what really messed me up was that I have hundreds of duplicate photo names. On long trip were I have dozens of photos in one folder, I resort to renumbering them 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg... And in my bird pages I have photos of eagles named "eagle.jpg" in a dozen or more folders. When uploading to Neocities, there is a time saving feature which loads any file that is in the cache from the cache rather than from the folder I'm trying to upload.   With over 200 species of birds it's been very time consuming for me to try to check and replace all the wrong duplicates one at a time.   If that weren't enough, there are still some things I don't fully understand like when returning to a previous page that work differently so I end up correcting by trial and error.   After two months, I think I have most of the glitches fixed but I'm still surprised once in a while.