Gardening - Compost

The round compost bin was my forth generation type bin.   The first one had fixed plywood sides and a drop board gate at the front.   It decomposed after two years use but I liked the idea of composting so I built the next bin of solid cedar rings.   They lasted longer but still decomposed.   Then I went to galvanized wire with cedar frames, like the ones on each side of the photo.   Those also rotted away, so the next bin used poly water pipe for the frames, with galvanized screen riveted on with aluminum rivets.   It held two cubic yards.   My second chipper was larger and inspired me to make a collection bin, 10 yard capacity.   Limbs too large to chip were cut for firewood.


After many unsuccessful attempts to trap moles in jaw type traps, I tried Mole Chasers, seen in the middle of the photo below.   They use four D batteries, which lasted only a few months. (Shown is a one year supply of used ones.)   The chasers did work to chase the moles to different parts of the lawn area but never completely away.   It was also easy to loose them in the ground if they were placed low enough to keep from being hit by the mower so I had to measure offsets with the cloth tape to find them.   It was all labor intensive and didn't keep the moles away.   The latest tool was on the left along with a probe and tool to make the hole large enough for the trap to insert.   It worked well and after our neighbor got one we saw no more moles.